A fully automated solution

To boost productivity in your microbial QC lab, Microbs is launching IAN®, an Ultra Rapid Microbiological Method allowing an accurate enumeration of bacteria, yeast and mold within minutes, not days! 

Solid phase cytometry & Artificial Intelligence

Time to result: 15 minutes

No expertise required

Qualitative & Quantitative

Objective results – no interpretation needed

Analysis of
total flora

No need to manage multiple consumables. This ready-to-use cap has been designed to make your life easier!

No enrichment needed

Liquid matrices

Total aerobic & anaerobic flora

LOD: 1 microorganism/sample

Traceability & data integrity: 21 CFR part 11 compliant


With IAN®, you can redesign your quality control

No need to wait days to check the microbiological quality of your production. IAN® gives you a quantitative measurement of your contamination in 15 minutes using our innovative direct non-growth detection method.

Save up to 14 days
on quarantine time



Optimize your process
• Reduce lead time
• Improve production capacity


Reduce quality cost
• No defects
• No recalls


Faster batch release
• Rapidly
• Automation
• Traceability

Supply chain

Reduce inventory
• Save inventory cost
• Reduce safety stock & required storage area


Bioburden test

• Intermediate products
• Raw material
• WFI & Process water

Sterility test

• Sterility of filterable final products

Environmental control

• Swabbing surface / people
• Air monitoring

Out of Specification Investigation

• Ultrafast investigation of contamination sources


Product safety



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